My Brand

What is a brand? Well, a personal brand to be more precise is more like a digital foot print. A mark in the sand telling what someone’s greatest qualities, skills, and goals are, unique of course to each individual person. A brand is important for someone to have, whether in their own pursuits or even in acquiring a dream job.
My personal brand likewise includes what I feel are some of my best qualities, skills, and ambitions. First and foremost my strongest trait is by far my creativity. When faced with a problem, I try my best to come up the best solution that is usually the most efficient and creative. Without creativity to spice up one’s own time, life would be very dull and grey. Some of the greatest minds that came into this world were overflowing with creativity and because of their brilliance, the world was made just a little bit brighter. In any future endeavors of mine, I know my creativity will be there to help me in any situation.
My determination (or stubbornness as some people would be more likely to call it), is another prominent quality of mine. It usually comes to fruition when someone tells me I can’t do something. Not in the sense when I can’t get what I want exactly, just in the sense when someone thinks I am unable to do something because they presume to know me or what I’m capable of. This is where my determination comes into play, not letting me rest or sit idly by until I accomplish what I first set out to do and proving others or even sometimes myself, wrong.
As far as my skills, I’ve always been decently adept at writing, at least I always felt so. English has always been my favorite subject and one I excelled at, so naturally I quickly took to the written word. As such, I’ve also become very familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
My ambitions, although simple to some, are all my own and I hope to make them reality someday. I’ve always been interested in starting up a small business, like a stand alone bookshop and cafe. It would be a joint venture with my mother and I since we both have a passion for books and she actually studied business in college. Until then I just want to find a career that interests me and that I love, I’m exactly interested in becoming rich through my job, I’m more interested in doing something I enjoy for the rest of my life.


Hulu: A Truly Dynamic Video Streaming Service

Nicole Reese
Nadine Davis
ENG 111
19 October 2016
Hulu: A Truly Dynamic Video Streaming Service

There are countless video streaming services out there and each one has its own unique features and drawbacks. Netflix has a large library of TV shows and movies available without commercials and for a set price each month. Vudu likewise has a wide array of movies and shows, but at a cost, much like a regular movie rental store but without the hassle of going out. Hulu, out of all of the above choices, has its own distinctive quirks.
The world of traditional television seems to find itself in a peculiar situation these days. Between social media and the aforementioned video streaming services, TV is slowly leaving the building. Who wants to pay expensive cable bills for channels no one will even use, or want to spend the time flipping through each and every day? This is where a service like Hulu can come in handy. Hulu is only $7.99 a month, whereas a cable bill can be in excess of $70.00 a month. As well, cable was limited to a TV set, often only one at a time. Hulu, however, can be accessed from anywhere at any time, so Hulu is convenient as well as affordable. One of the reasons my own family said farewell to mainstream cable was because of the rising charges and the fact that video streaming services were so much easier to access and enjoy.
Now, since there are so many other video streaming services out there, it can be difficult to choose just one. Or to even know which one is the best. The top choice for a lot of people is, of course, Netflix, but is it really all that great? Hulu is often times cheaper and offers many shows that Netflix does not. Hulu has about 12 million current users and 700 million hours of prime television has already been watched. As well, Hulu carries over 3,000 TV series in it’s clutches, barely known and popular alike.
Unlike regular television or other streaming companies, Hulu is very easy to set up and use. All it takes is a few moments on a computer or other such mobile device and then thousands of TV shows and movies are ready to watch at just the push of a button. Hulu also has a unique feature that sets it apart from others and that is its ability to show the episode of a series a day after it airs. This allows people to catch up on their favorite shows without waiting for the whole season to end and pop up on some other video streaming service.
When I was first introduced to Hulu, I was a bit skeptical. What do I need Hulu for when I’ve already got Netflix? Well, over time Hulu began to stand apart from its adversaries, and I began to find myself going back time and time again. It began to feel like home, like a place I could go to when I wanted to spend some quality time with my mom and watch some obscure 90s show that couldn’t be found anywhere else. It began to become a place where I could enjoy just as many new shows as old ones. Soon, something became evident. I was watching more and more of Hulu than anything else because it was something that I always knew I could rely for some much needed nostalgia and fresh entertainment. Take the step, Hulu is a wise and competent choice if your looking for quality TV without all the hassle.

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10 Reasons Why I’m Just an Awkward Lump of Social Anxiety

1.) I’m still nervous to make appointments for myself over the phone. Or in person.
2.) A lot of people often think I’m mean or snobbish just because I turn into Mr. Darcy whenever I’m faced with a new social setting. It’s just a defense mechanism okay?!           3.) I’m quite frequently mistaken for being mysterious just because I never want to talk to anybody and therefore divulge nothing about myself.
4.) I trip over air.
5.) If someone says hi to me in passing or smiles at me, I’ll either grimace or make some unintelligible noise.
6.) My dream job includes very little to no human interaction whatsoever or at least doesn’t require me to talk in front of people.
7.) I feel much more eloquent and assured when talking through paper than in person.
8.) I have no idea what “flirting” means. Is that some kind of normal person lingo?
9.) How I dealt with crushes was to completely ignore them and repress my feelings until it eventually went away. It’s worked so far.
10.) My fingers are more like flimsy chopsticks than actual digits, seeing as how I’ve hurt myself more often than not just by gesturing a little too enthusiastically.

What’s So Special About This Chick Anyway?

Absolutely nothing. I mean, I suppose I have a few differentiating qualities which might make me stand out in a line up, like my dazzling purple hair, but I’m still just human. Just another cog in the proverbial machine of life. Although, people have told me I’m nice. Nice. That’s like saying water is wet or that dress looks good on you. But how good? You’re going to have to be a little more specific there friend.

Over the years people have often thought of me as the quiet but nice girl that floats around somewhere in the back, not trying to rock the boat but still good for a borrowed pencil or a piece of paper. However, as I’ve grown older and faced new experiences and people, I’ve come to realize that I’m not just nice, oh no, I’m what they call empathetic. And let me tell you, it’s a curse. Yes, I’m better able to understand and sympathize with another person’s feelings and problems but when they hurt I hurt.

When I was younger, my best friend had confided in me that he was going through a particularly hard time, that he had even resorted to self harm and had begun to experience dark thoughts. I had no idea any of this had been going on because like most people suffering from depression, he wore a good mask and had been suffering in silence for quite some time. When he finally came to me with what he was feeling however, he was already starting to dig himself out but that didn’t make me feel any better. I felt like a bad friend for not noticing what he was going through sooner and soon began to question my own value. My young adolescence was not the best time for me or for anyone else that I knew actually.

On the flip side, my empathy has also allowed me to have an incredible relationship with my mom who I am not ashamed to say is one of my best friends (cue laughter). We kind of have the whole “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” dynamic going since she grounds me just as much as I ground her. That’s not to say that I don’t have any other friends, I mean of course I do, only losers are friends with their parents ha ha…ha.

Through many trials and errors, I’ve come to learn that even though my empathy makes me the person that I am, makes me a good wall to lean on, I had to learn to distance myself while at the same time saying, “I completely get where you’re coming from and I’m here for you”. Because that’s really all that matters, truly being there for those I care about and if I’m able to help them by perhaps shouldering some of their burdens, then I’m more than happy to do it time and time again.