My Brand

What is a brand? Well, a personal brand to be more precise is more like a digital foot print. A mark in the sand telling what someone’s greatest qualities, skills, and goals are, unique of course to each individual person. A brand is important for someone to have, whether in their own pursuits or even in acquiring a dream job.
My personal brand likewise includes what I feel are some of my best qualities, skills, and ambitions. First and foremost my strongest trait is by far my creativity. When faced with a problem, I try my best to come up the best solution that is usually the most efficient and creative. Without creativity to spice up one’s own time, life would be very dull and grey. Some of the greatest minds that came into this world were overflowing with creativity and because of their brilliance, the world was made just a little bit brighter. In any future endeavors of mine, I know my creativity will be there to help me in any situation.
My determination (or stubbornness as some people would be more likely to call it), is another prominent quality of mine. It usually comes to fruition when someone tells me I can’t do something. Not in the sense when I can’t get what I want exactly, just in the sense when someone thinks I am unable to do something because they presume to know me or what I’m capable of. This is where my determination comes into play, not letting me rest or sit idly by until I accomplish what I first set out to do and proving others or even sometimes myself, wrong.
As far as my skills, I’ve always been decently adept at writing, at least I always felt so. English has always been my favorite subject and one I excelled at, so naturally I quickly took to the written word. As such, I’ve also become very familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
My ambitions, although simple to some, are all my own and I hope to make them reality someday. I’ve always been interested in starting up a small business, like a stand alone bookshop and cafe. It would be a joint venture with my mother and I since we both have a passion for books and she actually studied business in college. Until then I just want to find a career that interests me and that I love, I’m exactly interested in becoming rich through my job, I’m more interested in doing something I enjoy for the rest of my life.


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